Ireland Dairy Farm Jobs

Are you looking for Ireland Dairy Farm Jobs for Filipinos? You are at the right place.

Dairy farming is a critical sector of agriculture that plays a vital role in providing dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt to consumers worldwide. 

To keep a dairy farm running smoothly, there is a diverse range of job opportunities available. 

In this article, we will look into what dairy farm jobs are, their duties, benefits, required skills, qualifications.

We will also talk about how to get Ireland dairy farm jobs. 

What are Dairy Farm Jobs?

Dairy farm jobs encompass various roles and responsibilities related to the production and management of dairy products. 

These jobs are integral to the daily operations of a dairy farm and contribute to the supply of fresh and quality dairy products to consumers. Let’s talk about the duties of dairy farm workers in more detail.

Duties of a Dairy Farm Worker

Dairy farm workers are essential in ensuring the efficient functioning of a dairy farm. 

Their responsibilities may vary depending on their specific roles, but here are some common duties associated with dairy farm jobs:


  1. Milking Cows:

One of the primary responsibilities of dairy farm workers is milking cows. 

This involves cleaning and sanitizing udders, attaching milking machines, and ensuring the cows are comfortable during the process.


  1. Feeding and Watering:

Dairy farm workers are responsible for feeding cows and providing them with clean water. Proper nutrition is essential for milk production.


  1. Cleaning and Sanitation: 

Maintaining cleanliness in the barns and milking parlors is crucial to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure the health of the cows.


  1. Healthcare: 

Monitoring the health of dairy cattle and administering medications or treatments when necessary. 

Recognizing signs of illness is essential to prevent the spread of diseases within the herd.


  1. Breeding and Calving: 

Some workers may be involved in breeding programs and assisting with calving. 

This requires knowledge of the reproductive cycle and birthing process.


  1. Machinery Operation: 

Operating and maintaining farm machinery such as tractors, feed mixers, and manure spreaders.


  1. Record Keeping: 

Maintaining accurate records of herd health, milk production, and other farm-related data for future reference and compliance with regulations.

Benefits of Working on a Dairy Farm

Working on a dairy farm offers several benefits, both tangible and intangible, that make it an attractive career choice for many individuals. 

Here are some of the key advantages:


  1. Stable Employment: 

Dairy farming is a year-round endeavor, providing stable employment opportunities with a consistent workload.


  1. Learning Opportunities: 

Dairy farm workers gain valuable skills and knowledge about animal husbandry, agriculture, and farm machinery operation.


  1. Connection to Nature: 

Working on a dairy farm allows individuals to connect with nature and experience the rural way of life.


  1. Competitive Pay: 

Compensation for dairy farm workers varies but is often competitive within the agricultural sector.


  1. Healthy Lifestyle: 

The physical nature of the work keeps employees active and engaged, contributing to a healthier lifestyle.


  1. Community Involvement: 

Many dairy farms are an integral part of the local community, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.


  1. Job Satisfaction: 

For those passionate about animals and agriculture, dairy farming can be highly rewarding and fulfilling.

Skills Needed for Dairy Farm Jobs

To excel in dairy farm jobs, individuals should possess a combination of technical skills, soft skills, and a genuine love for working with animals and the land. 

Here are some essential skills:


  1. Animal Handling: Proficiency in handling and caring for dairy cattle is crucial. 

Workers should be able to recognize signs of distress or illness.


  1. Mechanical Skills: Familiarity with farm machinery and equipment operation is necessary for tasks like feeding and cleaning.


  1. Communication: Effective communication is important when working as part of a team and when interacting with veterinarians, suppliers, and other stakeholders.


  1. Problem-Solving: Dairy farm workers should be able to identify and address issues related to herd health, nutrition, and equipment maintenance.


  1. Attention to Detail: Precision in tasks like milking, feeding, and record-keeping ensures the well-being of the animals and farm productivity.


  1. Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changing weather conditions and unexpected challenges is essential in dairy farming.


  1. Time Management: Managing daily tasks efficiently is critical to maintaining a smooth operation.

Requirements and Qualifications for Ireland Dairy Farm Jobs

The specific requirements and qualifications for dairy farm jobs can vary depending on the role, the size and type of the farm, and regional regulations. 

However, some general guidelines can be outlined:


  1. Educational Background: 

While formal education is not always required, a high school diploma or equivalent can be beneficial. 

Specialized courses or certifications in agriculture or animal husbandry may also enhance employability.


  1. Physical Fitness: 

Dairy farm work can be physically demanding, so good health and physical fitness are often prerequisites.


  1. Work Experience: 

Some positions may require previous experience in dairy farming or related agricultural work. 

Entry-level positions may be available for those with no prior experience.


  1. Licensing and Certification: 

Depending on the region and specific job duties, dairy farm workers may need licenses or certifications related to pesticide application, equipment operation, or animal health.


  1. Willingness to Learn: 

A strong desire to learn and adapt to new techniques and technologies in dairy farming is highly valued.


  1. Legal Eligibility to Work: 

Dairy farm workers must have the legal right to work in the country or region where the farm is located.


  1. Language Skills: 

Proficiency in the language spoken on the farm is important for effective communication and safety.

How to Find Ireland Dairy Farm Jobs

If you aspire to work overseas as a Filipino worker, you can find the list of legitimate recruitment agencies with available job orders for Ireland through the official website of POEA/DMW 

Here is a step-by-step process for finding the recruitment agencies’ Ireland Dairy Farm Jobs.

  • Visit  website and navigate to the Approved Job Orders located
  • You will be redirected to the “Approved Job Orders of Licensed Recruitment Agencies page.
  • In the dropdown menu, select Job Site or Ireland they hit the “Search” button.
  • You will be redirected to the available job offer. 
  • Click the Recruitment Agency with Job Orders in Ireland
  • Select the required option and type in the required information. 
  • You will then be shown the list of agencies with job orders in Ireland.
  • After that, choose the agency with job openings related to your skills and work experience. 
  • Find out about the recruitment agencies’ office addresses, contact details, email addresses, contact persons, license status, and license validity duration.

However, you have to look out for whether the recruitment agency for Ireland Dairy Farm Jobs is legal or accredited by DMW/POEA. 

How to Verify the License Status of a Recruitment Agency for Ireland Dairy Farm Jobs

To know if a recruitment agency is legal, you can verify their license status through the official website of POEA/DMW using 

Check if it has a ‘Valid License’ status and confirm if it is operating within its license validity duration.

How do you do that? 

Here is how to check the licenses status of a recruitment agent in Ireland

  • Visit the DMW/POEA official website
  • Then proceed to “Licensed Recruitment Agencies.”
  • Enter the name of the recruitment agency in the given space
  • The website will automatically display the list of agencies with the name that you have typed. 
  • Then Select the recruitment agency with which you want to know the information.
  • View the Details and License Status of the recruitment agency

Here is what the details will look like 

  • Agency
  • Landbased Agency
  • Address
  • Classification
  • Status Date
  • Representative
  • Contact No.
  • Email Address
  • Data as of

Ireland Dairy Farm Jobs Manpower Agencies 

There are manpower agencies in the Philippines that have POEA-approved job orders from employers based in Ireland. 

Below are some Ireland Dairy Farm Jobs Manpower Agencies 

1. Omanfil International Manpower

  • POEA License No.: POEA-093-LB-072910-PA
  • Address: 802 Rodeo Bldg, Km. 18. West Service Road, South Super Hi-way, Parañaque City:
  • Tel. No. (02)88211650 to 55, +6328211650 to 55, +6328222145/46
  • Direct Lines +6328243549 +6328222144 +6328214705
  • Email: 

2. Universal Staffing Services

3. ABBA Personnel Services, Inc.

  • POEA License No: POEA-058-LB-032111-TP
  • Contact Number(s): 8-584-8215 / 8-554-0556 / 8-234-5833
  • Ms. Charlene Vergara 0917-704-5081, 0918-286-1876
  • Email: 

3. Chesham Recruitment

  • POEA License No. POEA-195-LB-072216-R
  • Address: Suite 219, The Peninsula Court

Makati Avenue, corner Paseo de Roxas

Makati City 1226, Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES

4. AMI Global Recruitment

  • POEA License No.: POEA-023-LB-032417-PLe
  • Address: 

4th Flr. Starmall EDSA Cor. Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong PH

Unit 4404, 44th Floor Summit One Tower, 530 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

5. Landbased Human Resources

6. Serviecon International Corp.

7. IPAMS — Industrial Personnel And Management Services, Inc.

  • POEA License No: POEA-247-LB-120911-PA
  • Address: IPAMS Bldg., 723 Aurora Blvd., New Manila, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Contact Numbers: (632) 8-234-5640 to 41

Key Takeaway on Ireland Dairy Farm Jobs

Dairy farm jobs are not just about milking cows; they encompass a wide range of responsibilities crucial to the success of dairy farming operations. 

Working on a dairy farm offers numerous benefits, from job stability to opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

The skills, requirements, and qualifications needed for these jobs may vary, but a passion for agriculture and animal care is a common thread that ties together those who find fulfillment in this field. 

If you are considering a career in dairy farming, be prepared for a rewarding journey filled with challenges and opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to the agricultural industry and the communities it serves.

In this article we have given a list of POEA accredited manpower agencies in Ireland through which you can get the dairy farm jobs. 

We hope this article is helpful. 

Commonly Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need to work on a dairy farm in Ireland?

Most dairy farm jobs in Ireland don’t require formal qualifications. 

However, Experience in farming and a strong work ethic are often more important.

What are the typical responsibilities of a dairy farm worker?

Responsibilities include milking cows, feeding and caring for animals, maintaining equipment, and assisting with farm management tasks.

Is accommodation provided for dairy farm workers in Ireland?

Accommodation policies vary by farm. Some may provide on-site housing, while others may offer an allowance or help you find local housing.

What is the average salary for dairy farm jobs in Ireland?

Salaries can vary depending on experience and location, but they typically range from €25,000 to €35,000 per year.

Do I need previous farming experience to get a dairy farm job in Ireland?

While experience is helpful, many farms are willing to train individuals who are motivated and willing to learn.

What are the working hours on a dairy farm?

Dairy farming often involves long hours, especially during peak seasons. Expect to work early mornings and some weekends.

Are there opportunities for career advancement in dairy farming?

Yes, with experience, you can advance to positions like herd manager or farm supervisor. Some may even start their own farms.

What is the busiest season on a dairy farm in Ireland?

Spring and early summer are typically the busiest times, as this is when calving and the main grazing season occur.

Are there any health and safety regulations on dairy farms in Ireland?

Yes, there are strict health and safety regulations in place to protect workers. Farm employers are required to provide training and safety equipment.

Is there a demand for dairy farm workers in Ireland?

Yes, there is a consistent demand for skilled and motivated dairy farm workers, making it a viable career choice in the country.

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