Hiring Housekeeping No Age Limit Abroad

Are you on the lookout for a Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad? Then you have come to the right place.

The demand for Housekeepers is growing worldwide as people increasingly rely on their services to maintain cleanliness and order in their homes. 

As the demand rises, many individuals are seeking opportunities to work in Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad

However, understanding the process of finding trustworthy employment with no age discrimination can be challenging. 

In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad

We will also provide a comprehensive guide to help both employers and job seekers understand the process.

What is Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad?

Hiring a Housekeeper from abroad is an opportunity that many individuals and families are seeking. 

This process involves recruiting and employing a Housekeeper

One of the main advantages of hiring a Housekeeper through POEA is the cost savings. 

It can often be quite substantial, making it more challenging for individuals or families to find affordable domestic help. 

By eliminating these fees, hiring a Housekeeper becomes more accessible and financially viable.

Additionally, Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad allows for a more direct and personal recruitment process. 

Instead of relying on a third-party agency, individuals can engage directly with potential candidates. 

This direct approach fosters a more personalized connection, enabling both parties to communicate openly about expectations, requirements, and preferences.

When hiring a Housekeeper, it is crucial to ensure that all legal and ethical considerations are met. 

To find a suitable Housekeeper various channels can be explored. 

Online job boards, social media platforms, and networking connections within the desired country can all be useful resources for connecting with potential candidates. 

Who is a Housekeeper

Housekeepers provide various household services and assist in the smooth running of a private residence. 

They maintain cleanliness, order, and organization within the household. 

However, their responsibilities may vary depending on the specific needs of the employer, but their primary tasks typically include cleaning, cooking, laundry, and general household maintenance.

Duties and Responsibilities of Housekeeper

Housekeepers carry out light cleaning duties to maintain private households or commercial establishments, such as hotels and hospitals, in a clean and orderly manner. 

However, some of their duties and responsibilities include: 

1. Cleaning: 

They keep the residence clean and tidy carrying out tasks such as sweeping and mopping floors, dusting furniture, vacuuming carpets, cleaning windows, and maintaining cleanliness in all areas of the house. 

They are also involved in deep cleaning tasks such as washing walls, cleaning appliances, and scrubbing floors.

2. Cooking and Meal Preparation: 

Some employers employ Housekeepers to plan and prepare meals for the household. 

Including menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and serving meals. 

They also adapt to specific dietary requirements or preferences and ensure that meals are prepared promptly.

3. Laundry and Ironing: 

Housekeepers also handle the laundry needs of the household, including washing, drying, folding, and ironing clothes, bed linens, towels, and other fabric items. 

They do proper laundry procedures including sorting clothes, using appropriate detergents, and removing stains effectively.

4. Housekeeping: 

Housekeepers are responsible for general housekeeping tasks to maintain a neat and organized environment. 

Such as making beds, organizing rooms, decluttering living spaces, and ensuring that household items are properly stored. 

They also clean and maintain household appliances and equipment.

5. Childcare: 

In houses with children, Housekeepers are also involved in childcare duties including supervising children, assisting with homework, preparing meals for them, and engaging in age-appropriate activities to ensure their well-being and safety.

6. Pet Care:

Also, in houses with pets Housekeepers feed, groom, and walk them. 

They also clean litter boxes or cages and ensure the overall welfare of the animals.

7. Errands and Shopping: 

Lastly, Housekeepers are required to run errands on behalf of the employer including grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, or purchasing household supplies. 

They manage these tasks while ensuring that all necessary items are obtained.

Importance Skills and Requirements for Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad

A Housekeeper must have some (if not all) of the skills and requirements to get Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad

  • Service Orientation
  • Time Management
  •  Coordination
  • Social Perceptiveness 
  •  Active Listening 
  •  Effective Speaking 
  •  Critical Thinking    
  • Monitoring    
  • Reading Comprehension 
  • Customer and Personal Service 
  • English Language       
  • Public Safety and Security
  • Administration and Management 
  • Attention to Detail    
  • Dependability       
  • Cooperation
  • Integrity       
  • Stress Tolerance        Adaptability/Flexibility    
  • Concern for Others  
  • Persistence 
  • Social Orientation    
  • Leadership 
  • Analytical Thinking   
  • Innovation 

Qualifications Required for Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad

A Domestic must 

  • Have a minimum of 2 years (s) of working experience is required.
  • Be at least a high school graduate.
  • Can Speak & Understand English

How to Get Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad

Securing a spot as a POEA-hired Housekeeper involves several steps. 

It starts with researching available job opportunities, identifying reputable recruitment agencies, and thoroughly reviewing job offers. Additionally, you may need to undergo a meticulous application process, which includes submitting required documents, attending interviews, and demonstrating your Housekeeper skills.

Here are some of what you need to do to get a Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad

1. Have the required certifications

Before searching for a Housekeeper job, ensure that you have the required certifications or credentials. 

This may include having a certification, your qualification, and joining a Housekeeper union, which often helps Housekeepers maintain adequate working conditions, pay, and benefits. 

Some unions can help you earn overseas job opportunities, but they’re usually a member first. 

There are also some organizations that send qualified Housekeepers overseas typically requiring those professionals to earn certifications related to safety or skill specialization. 

These certifications often help you expand your proficiency in certain areas of housekeeping, such as pipe fitting.

2. Gain enough experience and practice your skills

Gaining experience as a Housekeeper before working overseas is important because many Philippines organizations require Housekeepers to have more experience than native Housekeepers in another country. 

The required experience may include knowing how to operate heavy machinery, using specialized equipment, or having skills in different areas of Domestic help. 

Also, you must have enough skills including plasma cutting and underwater housekeeping. 

3. Start networking with Other Housekeepers abroad

Networking with other Housekeepers can help you find Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad.

This is so because your family members, friends, colleagues, and mentors in the industry may know of new or upcoming positions. 

They may also know of Philippines organizations looking for additional team members. 

You can also get additional networking opportunities by attending events for trade organizations, unions, or community career fairs. 

You can network by joining groups on social media or online forums where individuals in these groups share tips for skill improvement or job searching. 

4. Create a detailed resume for your desired specialization

Create a resume that shows your skills within your area of specialization. 

 You can also include certifications or training you’ve received in your area of specialization.

However, review the company’s job posting before submitting your application 

5. Search for a job through the POEA Agency 

You can use research local or online job boards to look for POEA agencies with Housekeeper job openings. 

However, don’t forget to read the employee reviews, general information about the company, and what types of job openings are available before applying. 

This will help you understand the overall work culture, values and goals, treatment of employees, and the benefits you may receive as an employee.

POEA Agency with Available Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad Jobs

  • 1 Heart Employment Pte Ltd

  • 1st Allbest Human Resource Pte Ltd

  • 1st Synergy Employment Pte Ltd

  • 21st Century Caregivers Pte Ltd

  • 21st Century Employment Pte Ltd

  • 24×7 Maids Pte Ltd

  • A1 Employment Agency  Celest Employment

  • Aatas Employment Agency

  • Abundant Life Resources Pte Ltd 

  • Achieve Employment Llp

  • Aflah Employment Agency Pte Ltd

  • Ajs Manpower Consultants Pte Ltd

  • Alpha Plus Employment Services Pte Ltd

  • Amazing Employment Agency 

  • Amiable Employment

  • Arrow Employment Pte Ltd

  • Asia Care Consultancy

  • Asia Employment Agency

  • Assured Employment Services Pte Ltd (M)

  • Atea Consultancy Pte Ltd

  • Auk Management Services

  • Averise Agency

  • Beracah Human Resource Consultancy Services

  • Best Human Resource

  • Betterhelp Recruitment Agency

  • Bizhub Asia Pte Ltd

  • Bless Employment Agency

  • Bright Maid Employment Pte Ltd

  • Bright Manpower Employment Pte Ltd

  • Budget Employment Pte Ltd

  • Butlers And Nannies Pte Ltd

  • Lcez Employment Services

  • Charisha Employment Agencies

  • Connexus Employment Hub

  • Corporate Mission Agency

  • Corporate Mission Employment Centre

  • Crislo Employment Agency 

  • Crislo Resources

  • Dans Services

  • Divine Employment Agency

  • Domestic 21 Maid Agency

  • E Manpower Pte Ltd

  • Eden Grace Human Resources Pte Ltd

  • Ep One Manpower Pte Ltd

  • Eq Manpower Pte Ltd

  • Eureka Maids And Manpower Pte Ltd

  • Express Employment Service Centre

  • Express Maid And Manpower Service Centre

  • Express Recruitment International Pte Ltd

  • Ezy Employment Agency

  • Faith Employment Agency

  • Familys Choice Employment Agency Llp

  • Far East Employment Services

  • Finesse Living Employment Services

  • First Form Pte Ltd

  • Fme Management Pte Ltd

  • Fmp Manpower Consultant

  • Focus Employment Services 

  • Focus Search Services

  • Fok Employment Services

  • G &A Services

  • Gladden Employment Agency

  • Gladsome Employment Pte Ltd

  • Global Channel Employment Agency

  • Godwin Employment Agency

  • Good Maid Employment Pte Ltd

  • Goodchoice Employment Agency

  • Great Housekeepers Pte Ltd

  • Greatlink Employment Agency Llp

  • Gui Employment Pte Ltd

  • Happy Home Agency Pte Ltd

  • Hart Consultancy Manpower Pte Ltd

  • Helian Employment Sevices Pte Ltd

  • Helpers Inc Agency Pte Ltd

  • Home Employment Service Centre Pte Ltd 

  • Home Sweet Home Professional Recruitment Agency

  • Homekeeper Jobsplacement Pte Ltd

  • Homeland Employment Agency

  • Housekeepers Agency Pte Ltd

  • Human Dynamics Management Center Pte Ltd

  • Hyperlink Recruitment Pte Ltd 

  • Hyperlink Services Pte Ltd

  • Innova Resource Pte Ltd

  • Integrity Maid And Employment Services Pte Ltd

  • Inter Great Employment Pte Ltd

  • Interhelp Agency

  • Ipro Career And Education Consultancy Llp

  • Island Maids (Group) Pte Ltd

  • Island Maids Pte Ltd

  • Ivy Resources

  • J And Lai Employment Agency

  • J Jabez Group Pte Ltd

  • Jack Focus Employment Pte Ltd

  • Jack Focus Management Pte Ltd

  • Jas Employment Services

  • Jdm Management Services

  • Jforce Employment Service Pte Ltd

  • Jia Chia Management Pte Ltd

  • Jingga Manpower Agency

  • Jl Employment Pte Ltd

  • Jl Recruitment Pte Ltd

  • Jms Management And Resources

  • Job Asia Consultancy Pte Ltd

  • Jobs And Staff Pte Ltd

  • Jobsearch Manpower Services

  • Joe Employment Services Pte Ltd

  • Joy Employment Management

  • Joy Forever Employment Services

  • Joy Resources Consultancy

  • Jpb Employment Pte Ltd

  • Jpb Overseas Recruitment Pte Ltd

  • Js Manpower

  • Jstar Employment Agency

  • K & L Manpower Pte Ltd

  • Kiitos Pte Ltd

  • Labour Express Employment Agency

  • Labour Express Employment Pte Ltd

  • Lgs Employment Agency

  • Lgs Hr Consultants

  • Litoark Employment Agency Pte Ltd

  • Living Well Maid Agency

  • Loyal Employment Agency

  • Luminus Human Resources Pte Ltd

  • Lv Consultancy And Services

  • Mabuhay Employment Agency

  • Maid Guru

  • Maid Guru Management Pte Ltd

  • Maid Management Services Pte Ltd

  • Maidcare Pte Ltd

  • Maidcity

  • Manpower Link Pte Ltd

  • Manpower Permata Pte Ltd

  • Manpower Services Agency Pte Ltd

  • Match Resources Pte Ltd

  • Maven Employment Agency

  • Maxilabour Management Services Pte Ltd

  • Mega Search Employment Services

  • Merries Employment Llp

  • Mj Employment Services

  • Mpl Employment Pte Ltd

  • Mum Sophia Agency Pte Ltd

  • My Helper Pte Ltd

  • Nation Employment Agency

  • Nation Human Resources Pte Ltd

  • Nicole Consultancy Pte Ltd

  • Nine Employment Agency And Services

  • Nostra Manpower Pte Ltd

  • Nurture Connect

  • One Click Employment Agency Llp

  • Ontel Pacific Marketing (Poea Watchlisted)

  • Orange Employment Agency

  • Orchid Employment Agency & Management Services

  • Oriental Aviation International Pte Ltd

  • Our Housekeeper Pte Ltd

  • Oxley Management Consultants Pte Ltd

  • Pamako Employment Agency

  • Passion Employment Agency Pte Ltd 

  • Peopleworldwide Consulting Pte Ltd

  • Pertama Employment Agency Pte Ltd

  • Pioneer Care Employment Pte Ltd

  • Premier Employment Agency Pte Ltd

  • Prestige Management Services

  • Protemps Employment Services Pte Ltd

  • Qa Employment Consutlant Pte Ltd

  • Raymond Express Agency

  • Raymond Maids Employment Agency

  • Redot Employment Services Llp

  • Reed Manpower Services Pte Ltd

  • Reputable Consultancy And Management Services

  • Ricardo Consultancy And Talent Staffing Pte Ltd

  • Rinzin Agency Pte Ltd

  • S.E.A. Employment Agency

  • Semiko Recruitment And Consultants Pte Ltd

  • Servlink Employment Agency

  • Servq Placement & Management

  • Sr Hr Services Pte Ltd

  • Shining Employment Services

  • Shirley Employment Agency

  • Shirley Maids And Employment Pte Ltd

  • Simon Consultancy Pte Ltd

  • Sing Kong Employment Agency (S) Pte Ltd

  • Singapore Bizhub Pte Ltd

  • Singapore Helper Pte Ltd

  • Singbest Human Resource Pte Ltd

  • Skills And Resources Consultancy

  • Sm Asia Employment Consultancy

  • Smdc Human Resource Pte Ltd

  • Sonic Recruitment Services Llp

  • South West Employment Agency

  • Sra Employment Agency Pte Ltd

  • St Employment Pte Ltd

  • Staffers Manpower Centre

  • Strumms Holding Pte Ltd

  • Success Manpower Employment Agency

  • Sue Private Nurses Agency

  • Sunnyvale Resources

  • Sunrise Employment Services

  • Sunshine Employment Services Pte Ltd

  • Supreme Musical Connection S Pte Ltd

  • Swift Maids Pte Ltd

  • Swift Personnel

  • The Branch Employment Pte Ltd

  • The Hr Connections Pte Ltd

  • Thiter-s Employment Agency

  • Tnf Employment Services

  • Tny Recruitment Pte Ltd

  • Trust Manpower Resources

  • Trusted Care Pte Ltd

  • Tsm Maid And Confinement Nanny Agency Pte Ltd

  • U&D Employment Agency

  • Uni Recruit Services Pte Ltd

  • Unicare Services Pte Ltd

  • Unistarr Employment Pte Ltd

  • United Home Employment Agency Pte Ltd

  • Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd

  • Value Employment Services Pte Ltd

  • Vision Manpower Pte Ltd

  • Vmc Services

  • Wanco Manpower Pte Ltd

  • Wandee Recruitment Services 

  • Wandy Employment Agency (S) Pte Ltd

  • Wanta Resources (S) Center Pte Ltd

  • We Are Caring Pte Ltd

  • Wonderful Maid Agency 

  • Word Of Wisdom Manpower Agency

  • Workforcee Manpower Pte Ltd

  • Workhome Personnel

  • World Asia Employment Pte Ltd

  • Xedge Resource Llp

  • Xeo Employment Services

  • Yesir Manpower Pte Ltd

  • Z Force Employment Agency Pte Ltd

  • Zeal Associates Pte Ltd

How to Find Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad

If you aspire to work overseas as a Filipino worker, you can find the list of legitimate recruitment agencies with available job orders through the official website of POEA/DMW 

Here is a step-by-step process for finding the recruitment agencies’ Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad.

  • Visit www.dmw.gov.ph  website and navigate to the Approved Job Orders located
  • You will be redirected to the “Approved Job Orders of Licensed Recruitment Agencies page.
  • In the dropdown menu, select Job Site then hit the “Search” button.
  • You will be redirected to the available job offer. 
  • Click the Recruitment Agency with Job Orders
  • Select the required option and type in the required information. 
  • You will then be shown the list of agencies with job orders
  • After that, choose the agency with job openings related to your skills and work experience. 
  • Find out about the recruitment agencies’ office addresses, contact details, email addresses, contact persons, license status, and license validity duration.

However, you have to look out for whether the recruitment agency for Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad is legal or accredited by DMW/POEA. 

How to Verify the License Status of a Recruitment Agency for Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad

To know if a recruitment agency is legal, you can verify their license status through the official website of POEA/DMW using https://www.dmw.gov.ph/ 

Check if it has a ‘Valid License’ status and confirm if it is operating within its license validity duration.

How do you do that? 

Here is how to check the license status of a recruitment agent

  • Visit the DMW/POEA official website
  • Then proceed to “Licensed Recruitment Agencies.”
  • Enter the name of the recruitment agency in the given space
  • The website will automatically display the list of agencies with the name that you have typed. 
  • Then Select the recruitment agency with which you want to know the information.
  • View the Details and License Status of the recruitment agency

Here is what the details will look like 

  • Agency
  • Landbased Agency
  • Address
  • Classification
  • Status Date
  • Representative
  • Contact No.
  • Email Address
  • Data as of

Key Takeaways on Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad

POEA plays a major role in facilitating Housekeeper hiring abroad as a testament to the potential that skilled professionals hold. 

As Housekeepers take their craft to new horizons, they not only contribute to international projects but also enrich their own lives with experiences and growth that transcend borders.

You can get a Hiring Housekeeping no age limit abroad by visiting the websites of the POEA agencies listed above. 

We wish you well in your job search. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is POEA?

The POEA, or Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, is the government agency responsible for regulating the recruitment and deployment of Filipino workers for overseas employment.

What is the role of the POEA in Housekeeper job hiring?

 The POEA oversees the recruitment process for Housekeeper jobs to ensure fair and ethical practices, safeguard the rights of Filipino workers, and maintain the reputation of overseas employment.

How can I apply for a Housekeeper job through POEA?

To apply for a Housekeeper job through POEA, you should search for licensed recruitment agencies accredited by POEA and verify their legitimacy according to the steps given above.

Then follow their application process which typically involves submitting your documents and undergoing interviews and assessments.

What documents are required for Housekeeper job applications?

Commonly required documents include a valid passport, birth certificate, valid IDs, NBI clearance, medical certificate, and other pertinent employment-related documents. However, Specific requirements may vary based on the destination country.

What protections are in place for Housekeepers hired through POEA?

POEA ensures that employment contracts are fair, transparent, and in compliance with the labor laws of both the Philippines and the destination country. 

It also offers pre-departure orientation seminars to educate workers about their rights, responsibilities, and safety measures before going abroad.

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